Unhandled -tag

What is it for, should I care, and if so, how should I care?

As a ‘normal user’ (i.e. not McNeel staff) I can see it too

When I click the gray cross, it disappears, but when I save the edit I get the message “Unhandled tag can only be removed by staff”

I find it adds annoying visual clutter :confused:

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I thought I did something wrong, like a space had turned into a tag somehow. So I tried to remove it.

What’s quite irritating is, you can’t add it back, so when it inadvertently is removed, my post was broken :angry: Ok, copy text, abandon post, make new post, paste, got it back. But I’m sure that was not the intention.

I don’t know if this is related, but I am getting the following when replying to posts

It does get posted, but the post edit box remains open. If I hit the reply button again, I get the “body is too similar” message… hmmm.

I haven’t seen this one yet… :flashlight: :eyeglasses:

I only saw it when I created a new topic.

Yeah it’s pretty loud, and I think it takes up a significant amount of additional vertical pixels.

I just got that 500 error now as well…

Same here.

One of the problems we face is making sure all the topics on this forum are properly handled by us. We’re working with the Discourse team to add features that are visible to staff only to help with that. What we want is a way to communicate among McNeelies the following:

  1. Has this topic been read, bugs logged, and replied to appropriately?
  2. Who is responsible for making sure this topic is appropriately handled?

The “unhandled” tag is the first in a number of changes we hope will help us answer those questions. @sam from Discourse, at my request, has added a feature to automatically tag topics “unhandled” when the topics are created or a reply is added (I’m not sure if a reply from Staff causes the uhnandled tag to appear or not).

The reason some of you see this and others do not is because only admins and moderators can see the tags. All McNeel employees are moderators, and some active users on Discourse have automatically been promoted to moderator status.

There are still some kinks to work out:

  1. Quick “handling” of unhandled topics (right now you have to scroll up, edit the message header, delete the tag, then save the changes - lots of work for a simple operation).

To see the topics that haven’t been handled yet, visit

We can change the color of the tag - but it’s supposed to be loud. And it doesn’t take up that much vertical space. I think “significant” is an overstatement:

Just to clarify, I don’t see it in the topic list like the screenshot above, only as an empty tag during creation of a topic.
Personally, I think this tag should be visible to all, not only to staff.

Can you please post a screen shot? I’m not following you.

Yeah, there’s significant debate internally about that. On the one hand we don’t want to burden people with extra information. On the other hand, it seems sensible that anybody who posts could see that we think their topic was handled. Some worry that the trolls will beat us with the unhandled tag. One thing I know for sure: we’re not done yet.

The screen shot is in the second post of this topic. Specifically I see a gray cross, looks like a empty tag. Pls read my other replies as well :grimacing:

That looks like a bug to me…I could be wrong, I can’t test it, because I’m “staff” (wah wah)

I’ve reported this thread over to the Discourse team. Thanks for reporting all the bugs.[quote=“menno, post:14, topic:39681”]
The screen shot is in the second post of this topic.

What? I’m supposed to read all the posts? Sheesh. :slight_smile:

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If it’s mcneel only then it’s fine. I meant significant in that the number of posts I actually see without scrolling is definitely less than it used to be. But then almost all the top-level posts had that tag, right now only 2~3 of them do and it’s a lot better.