New Discourse Solved (Accepted Answer) Feature

Hey Everyone,

Discourse has a new Solved, or Accepted Answer, feature.

When you are viewing a reply to one of your topics, you will see the following checkbox below it:

If the reply answers your question, check the box to mark the topic as solved.

Note, this does not close the topic - other can still reply.

Solved topics are decorated with a checkbox in Category view. This makes it very easy for others to identify what topics might still need attention.

Of couse, not all topics require an accepted answer or even come to a conclusion. But we would love to see topic creators use this feature, as it benefits both those looking for assistance and those searching for previously provided solutions.


– Dale


@dale is this working yet? i could not find that feature in threads i created.
it seems i am not the only one. and is it possible to give this to several answers?

Can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing on your opening post in some thread?

EDIT: or better, on any post in a thread that you have started.

not sure if that helps but here you go :wink:

thanks anyway though.

but it also would be nice if one of the mcneel people at least answered one of my questions some times. they are sure all busy but i kinda get the feeling to be ignored :scream:

I don’t like the feature at all. People who ask a question are most of the times not able to decide whether an answer is really the answer.

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I’m not that fond of it myself, what may be a solution for one person may not be for another, plus these things do go out of date as well… But whatever…


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I think it is a stackoverflowification of the place and “… StackOverflow is a great resource for finding answers, I think it’s one of the worst places for asking questions. There’s something about that forum that brings out the pedantic worst in people.”

Personally I think people should be able to :heart: things, but also to mark something as useful regarding the problem. So, that there are two different kinds of likes. And then there is some button that scrolls to those posts OP found helpful regarding the problem. And when a long-term user like you likes something in that second way it has a different weight. Or so.

I think it is a nice way to say “Thank you, I’m good to go” without spamming the list with another post adding no additional info to it. The “Me Like” symbol is different in that one can encourage those who give really good answers, be that pedagogical, put a lot of work into trying to explain, or whatever, even if it wouldn’t give the full and final answer.

I think that a question is answered exactly when the person asking descides he’s good to go, regardless of if there are more or even better answers (it’s up to other readers to chime in and add to an answer if there’s more to it). Since the thread remains open it’s no showstopper to have that check box.

Regarding Stack Overflow - is it really allowed to use such swear words as SO on this forum? :slight_smile: But let’s view it from the positive side - the worst of the worst are gathered in one single place. :skull_crossbones:

// Rolf

The Discourse Team Discourse wouldn’t be what it is without the crack team we assembled. It’s kind of amazing how this plan came together, but any plan is only as good as the people working on it. I’m Jeff Atwood. You may know me as the programmer behind Coding Horror. I was also the co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange.


This the plan:

Solved topics are decorated with a checkbox in Category view. This makes it very easy for others to identify what topics might still need attention… it benefits both those looking for assistance and those searching for previously provided solutions.

I am not getting obsessed with this one, but when a wrong answer is accepted as correct solution, it won’t get further attention, but can be found by people searching for previously provided solutions.

[quote=“wim, post:9, topic:38408”]
… any plan is only as good as the people working on it. … … I was also the co-founder of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange.[/quote]
Agreed, about the people.

I hope you understood that I really didn’t address the technical platform as such with my :skull_crossbones: opinion. :slight_smile:

I think it’s really a pity that those arrogant [self censored] destroyed the whole idea with SO/SE with their totalitarian attitudes.

I really liked SO/SE until I had asked some questions that went above the head of some of those sociopaths, and so they gathered in flocks to close the threads in unison. Woe to them.

// Rolf

[Edit: Spelling]


Trusted users perhaps could uncheck any wrong answer and either give it a correct answer or leave it open for others to give it another try. How about that?

// Rolf

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I don’t know. Personally I think, also on SO, it shouldn’t immediately be possible to accept an answer as solution… More like 2 or 3 days later or so. Or there should be ‘there is a better solution that should be accepted as answer button’…

That’s an interesting thought. It could cool down things a bit, if need be.

I suppose it also greatly depends on community, the kind of active people in it.

I have found for instance the community to be very nice, as is the Blender community in general. I feel the same about the Rhino community here: open, helpful and friendly.

Considering that a stack overflow -like approach to questions&answers would work quite well. I wouldn’t compare this community with stack overflow :slight_smile:


Are there posts of yours going unanswered?

hey steve, thanks for checking.

unfortunately yes, not just posts but actually directly @ddressed questions also including a personal message. some are not hypercritical but it still does not leave a nice impression in matters of working together. many people here work for free for nothing more than the joy of helping, which this platform very much depends on i believe.

its understandable that there is always plenty to do and that something can slip through but after some month of being here more active and repeatedly addressing McNeel attendants i figured that the attitude at least towards me is simply non existent. maybe i have left a bad impression behind or maybe not, but ignoring is not the way in any case.

i just wish that whoever reads that takes also less important though maybe relevant questions more serious.

Sometimes we just don’t have a good answer; sometimes things just fall through the cracks. We all have so many balls that we are juggling that we miss things when we noticed that a post got replied to by someone else. I type on the Rhino code and have trouble keeping up with all of the messages that go by on this forum. The same can be said for many of my coworkers.

Feel free to mention us multiple times in a thread or beat us with a stick if you think you are being ignored.

@stevebaer thats all understandable as written above, but i dont want to keep pounding attention, i think that rather makes it worse. maybe i am just bored out and take those things too serious, but i invest a lot of time thinking and suggesting. i my opinion everybody could profit from either feedback.

and still i dont have a clue why this feature as introduced here does not work in threads i created.
so it seems to me that all the ranting is for spare and i should wrap my head into something different then.

fwiw, this ‘solved’ feature isn’t available for me either in threads that i’ve started.
not sure if it matters but i’m on macOS with safari browser.