Made a thing, think you guys might like it :)


this thing serve’s a very singular purpose, and i made it using the Trial! its just a basic sample too!
(note this is also a clue to those trying to solve it) :slight_smile:

The Group who has made the most progress right now is over at
Removed it from Reddit as it was getting zero exposure there.

but you guys here should have the advantage here,:slight_smile: since you know, you have where this image comes from as a hint. (I am not planning on telling the guys at Puzzle where this came from till new years eve.)

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‘Happy New Year’ in binary code?

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Blur it a little and you’re Agnes Martin.


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No, that would have looked like this:

And doesn’t make sense of the OP’s image…


:wink: good luck. i have helped as much as i can, i have resolved that i can not help in the decoding efforts from here on out. best of luck to you all! i will Encourage when i can, i look forward to someone solving this.


Why are the characters made as extruded solids, and also why do they have duplicate representations of the 0’s & 1’s ‘lying down’ in the same square? Does it make more sense if viewed on Y? They’re also ‘justified’ differently in each square. Is that significant?


You my friend have an interesting mind. :slight_smile: Good luck on your endeavors.

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well, it’s 2017 now. What’s the answer?

(Pascal Golay) #9

Or, first, what is the question?


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Christopher’s original graphic post. Perhaps MattE has it figured out.

I don’t, and wonder if Christopher actually does.



the above image is a set of binary text and numbers that has been encoded using my own method, and visually represented in Rhino.the image is a screen shot of one of Rhinos orthographic viewports, this is the worlds first sample of “true 3d” encryption or “orthographic” Encrpytion. part of its strength is that you need a lot of data about the encoding method in order to even have a slight chance at decoding it. such as, Cube size, with out that you would be forced to attempt to solved an almost infinite number of possible cube sizes.and when dealing with such how could you ever be certain you had all of the info. Thats before even trying to Solve the complex shape that is the Key Inside that cube.
but do not worry this is a non semi-polytopic example,


The hint i have been referring to repeatedly over on is the 3d widget arrows at the center of the Rhino 3d work space. trying to hint that this object will take an understanding of 3d space to solve. which is visable by only a few pixels in the upper right hand of the image, and by logic discover which View the picture is displaying. using the this as my hint made me consider that Rhino users might 'Clue in" sooner than others and i was right. :slight_smile: The janky justification of the ones and zeros? Artifacts of Manual translation of the 1&0’s into their places within the Code pattern. nothing more nothing less. this code method can be made even worse using the following thought processes.

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So, how about to post the 3dm file?? That YouTube link was interesting, but didn’t help me to understand your challenge.

I think a full four views might be better.




ahahahahah how about an example eh? i’m not going to give you the solved puzzle, :slight_smile: here is a sample of the smallest possible functional “orthographic” encoder array. or the small “Single bit” the defining characters, Grid, Unique 3d space data points. and more. but i think it’s enough to drive the point. :smiling_imp: the larger the grid, the better the protection, along with Data Entry Masking, Data Chunk Rotation,Info Padding,Grid Alignment Manipulation, these 3d operations performed on The data allows for encoded data to be manipulated in a way never before possible, allowing the sender to layer as much or as little protection as wanted. I hope you Enjoy the sample and the puzzle, and welcome to 2017

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hum, expected the internet to have solved this by now…never known the combined imagination of humanity to go down without a fight. yeah know? the whole, power of the crowd thing. ( well lets just say its easy to prove that you’ve cracked it.) going to keep checking up on here and see how things go.oh well.


maybe your advertising was too progressive :wink: maybe you have to think how to make it more interesting that somebody shall solve it. not knowing where to start makes it kinda not inviting at all to even start. its not that you are encountering a bunch of code cracker hobbyists or even professionals here.


had not thought of it like that. hum.( i might try Condensing all the hints and helpful info? or perhaps reposting with the work thats been done already? hum don’t know… meah, its 3am here i’m off, good luck internet!


… another forum / context?

I think RichardZ tried to get through in a very (very) sensitive way.

// Rolf