Matching tree lists, assigning each x its y

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make a grid of points with two lists: x coordinates and y coordinates, but that doesn’t have z coordinate (I know it is still 0 for every point but I don’t want its value in the list).
What function can I use other than “construct point” or “grid structure”, because they both add z coordinate to the 2 path tree?

Hope you can help!



In case what you mean is the two-level path index construction…


Thank you for the response, yes it was what I was talking about!
The only thing is that using this expression the output is a text, it’s not point coordinates. Do you know how to convert it to points?

UV points without Z? What are you trying to do?

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Yes, exactly. Thank you!

I opened another topic because I thought the Z was the solution to another problem, but even after solving it not much changed.

Image Sampler: ShapeDiver dosen’t convert data as Grasshopper

I see that you didn’t post any GH file in that thread either. :frowning:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Sorry, I had problems uploading gh files in posts, I just uploaded it in the comment