Tree - list

Hi! Does anybody know how to organize this points vertically instead of horizontally? For example: from 0 to 5 in one list, 6 to 11, etc. Thank you!

Protocolo Programático (18.9 KB)


Looking at your file - is this the right one?
ab2 ![ab02|690x147]

Anyway - see below how I would approach. I first organise the list into a tree, flip the tree, and then flatten again (although I try to avoid flattening if you can help it!). The tree is created by splitting the list by the amount of x axis divisions.

List created

Tree created (In x coord then y coord format)

Tree flipped so it is in y coord then x coord format

Finally flattened to produce flipped list

Have a look at attached! (9.2 KB)

Hi I uploaded the wrong gh!!! Sorry!

Protocolo Productivo (67.5 KB)

Same method applies - Have a look at attached

Protocolo Productivo (68.4 KB)

It’s also worth noting that you should try and simplify your definition to just the part that you have a question on.

I’ve added the points list node at key points, like the first one.