Grasshopper Data Path ?::: Creating surface from connecting 2D drawings at different Z levels



How do I create three lists equivalent to the one showing in Figure 1, each with a different Z?
And which data path in Figure 2 is correct?
As required to create, for example, the illustrated form in Figure 3…

Data (7.6 KB)

(David Rutten) #2

I’m not entirely sure but is this what you’re after? (22.2 KB)

(David Rutten) #3

Also a more direct way using Weave before Points To Numbers: (18.5 KB)


Like this?

Data (14.8 KB)

Didn’t understand when you talked about the star like shape, the logic would be the same still. Not sure what you are trying to do but seems like extrude or move would make things a lot easier.