Creating a 3D grid of points from a 2D grid of points while keeping the data structure

I’m trying to move/duplicate a 2D grid of points in the z direction to get a 3D grid. This time I’d like to keep their current data structure instead of just flattening and moving all the points up.

Here are a couple of examples, the first one destroys the data structure. The second one keeps it, but with group/ungroup. The thing is that when I use group/ungroup I feel like maybe I’m cheating and should be manipulating the data in another way (sets, duplicate/etc).

All my attempts to do this without group/ungroup have failed so far. Is there a way to move these points up into a 3D grid, but without using group/ungroup? (12.6 KB) (12.3 KB)


Of course! Thanks very much @grbl9789
…i was over complicating it in my other tries.

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No prob. Path mapper is useful after the fact for selecting points from this grid.

If anyone can create the 3d point grid using only one construct point component (no move) I would be interested to see the solution.

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Same code: (12.9 KB)


@Joseph_Oster - i always enjoy your flavor of GH definitions. very cool, wouldn’t have thought about it this way otherwise.

…that’s like a “code golf” challenge. it would be nice to have a sheet of those.

…or a good excuse to write a c# or python component

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