To create a (X,Y,Z) coordinate points extracted from the excel

So these are X, Y, and Z values in the list and there are 5 points might be more which is extracted from excel, I need to combine coordinates (X, Y, Z) with one output which would look like in a single list (20,20,0), (22,20,0), (24,20,0), (30,30,0), (10,25,0) and more depending on the inputs and then convert into coordinates.

I have created one file but I need to eliminate the process of adding the coordinates manually in the list item and can be converted directly based on number of points.

Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you!

Hey !

Use Explode tree component (connect it to the B output of split list).
Right click on the Explode tree and select “match outputs”.

then use Construct Point component.
each output from Explode tree to each input of Construct Point

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It worked!
Thank you for your time, @antoinemaes !
Much appreciated!!