Make2d splitting lines

Pascal…As I found out this is just how make2d works in R6 with no plans to change this behavior but it might get looked at in R7…Are there any plans to look into this anytime soon…? See link below for explanation of my issue.


Bringing this issue back up to the top…Please add an option to fix this in R7. I understand it’s not much of an issue for anyone else but it bugs me to no end. I’m now using R7 in my daily work here at the office.


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Imported the rhino file in BricsCAD, made a flatshot, saved as .dwg and imported back in Rhino.
FlatShot.3dm (93.7 KB)

Thank you for the reply…This is an ongoing problem that I have to face every day working with Rhino, I appreciate the help on this one file but I don’t have BricsCAD so this isn’t fix for this issue unless I’m missing something…?

Pascal did this ever actually get on the bug/request list for R7…?


I post this just to compare what other programs are doing - despite BricsCAD is a solid modeler.

OK…I understand now.

Thank You again…

The McNeel bunch must really be busy…or they are all on vacation…?


Earth to McNeel…Earth to McNeel. Hey if this isn’t an issue that will ever be addressed just let me know and I’ll delete the WIP and just stick with R6 from now own.


Hi @bwheeler sorry this got dropped. Things are busy here… and Discourse is voluminous - we’re having a difficult time keeping up.

I’ve logged RH-57426, and pinged @GregArden about it. No promises, but I want to at least acknowledge that this is on the list.

Thank You…I’ll download R7 and re-install.


Just an FYI after talking with @GregArden - from his perspective, your request for this fix is the first and only one that has landed on our bug list. That surprised me a bit, and yet that means that it gets less priority than other requests.

I guess there just ain’t many folks that use Rhino like I do or they would be complaining as well. Maybe someone could write a script to fix this issue that could be ran right after make2d…?


That’s even harder, because at that point we’ve lost all the information about where the curves came from. Inside Make2d, we know the source objects, and can potentially join them back together based on where they came from. Otherwise, just doing SellAll Join would get you want you want.


Looks like it’s fixed now…Thank You.