In the last WIP there are several missing lines in Make2D

Hi Greg
IN the two attached files there is several missing lines in make2d Latest WIP
Make2d Missing lines 2.3dm (6.0 MB)

Make2dMissing line.3dm (7.4 MB)

Hi Vittorio - the revolved parts are single kinked surfaces - DivideAlongCreases will sort that out and Make2d looks better, but how did it get this way? - can you please run CreaseSplitting and make sure splitting is set to yes?


I have created screw and gear with PythonScript . In preview WIP Make2D it was almost perfect.

Users should obviously not need to know this, so could Make2D automatically temporarily replace those objects at calculation time? Or are there other ways for Make2D to handle this? Or shouldn’t Rhino allow those objects in the first place and check objects each time a file is read or an object created?

If a user - for whatever reason - decides to set CreaseSplitting to No, I think that user should be able to do so. And, of course, take the consequences.

We do see quite a few instances here on Discourse where this has been set to No without the user being able to recall when and why. Perhaps Rhino should not remember the setting between sessions and always put this to Yes at start-up - allowing a start-up command to override this for those (very few) users that want it set to No…


Actually I think it’s Rhino that does it on it’s own - this is an old elusive bug that nobody can seem to track down.

Yes, I think Rhino should re-initialize itself at startup to “Yes” and let the 0.001% of users who want this set to “No” override that.



Hi Vittorio - if the Python generated objects get split up by the script you may be able to bypass the CreaseSplitting controversy and do it yourself in the script ( BrepFaceList.SplitKinkyFaces(), for instance) - I have not tested, but think CreaseSplitting is not going to affect geometry that you create and add via RhinoCommon, you may need to pay attention to that in your code.