Layout Sheets to DWG

Hi All,

This topic was mentioned few time in the past (please see links below). It looks like at least some people would like this option to be incorporated in rhino for obvious reasons.

Would it be possible in Rhino 6 to export all the layouts into DWG ? Ideally with visibility control, layer properties and size ?


@Jarekk - What is it exactly that you’re asking for? Do you not get layouts written to dwg files with SaveAs?
You can’t have just a layout with no modelspace block in Acad, and all of the geometry that displays in layout viewports is in that modelspace block.

Hi Lowell,

This is exactly what happens. When in the layout I save us and what is exported is just the top or perspective view from the model space depending on the settings. I would like to get my layouts exported as dwg as well exactly as I see them in the layout window.


I still need it spelled out slowly to know what you mean…
SaveAs (save us?) and Export are different. Which one do you mean?
When I SaveAs to a dwg file, I see the layouts in Acad when I open the file.

You are right I was confusing both of them. When I SaveAs I do get all they layouts in AutoCad, sorry for confusing. Now I have a question of a different type. Is it possible to SaveAs layouts to Autocad but without the hidden lines or the geometry behind to what is visible ?

I need more specifics to know what you’re asking about.