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Hi everyone

I wonder if there is a way to export a single layout to autocad model space?
Basically I’m looking for the same functionality as Make2d command but applied to layout/views.
I need to export facades of my model to dwg and I thought it would be a smart move to make a layout with all the facades and send it to dwg each time the model is updated.

Layout Sheets to DWG

Hi Archmix,

Did you get an reply regarding your question ? I am looking for the same thing. By the looks of it all the architects need it.




you can try if the beta 6 has the promised better pdf export so that curves dont get screwed up into polylines. as far as i see thats the only option getting layouts in vectors over to any other application. in rhino 5 thats still a mess of course.

personally i dont use layouts at all. rather use make 2d and create the layouts on another layer on the cplane. probably i am very rude now but i dont see any sense in layouts at all. just a useless implementation which some probably grew fond of.

if somebody could name me one good reason to use this then ok but for now i really think its :poop:


Hi RichardZ,

I am now testing beta 6 and it doesn’t look like it has. Exporting as a vector pdf doesn’t really work. I need all my views or perspectives to be exactly the same size in case i need to adjust something in photoshop later on in post production. It would be very comfortable to export all the layouts with set up views as dwg ideally with what is only visible on them with all the layers and at the same time as in any CAD program.

Obviously you can save your views and keep that exact position of a camera but if you are manipulating vieport sizes all the time maybe it is not the best way to always keep the same size of a drawing.

Make2D command is much better in Rhino 6 although still i find myself hiding what is not visible in the scene what seems to be unnecessary step. Secondly if the model is complex and you have your view set up and want to generate Make2D line drawing, without hiding whats not visible model usually crashes, what about if you want to keep what is beyond your vieport for further drawing extension ?

Possibly it is worth flagging it up with the beta.


(Anika Boeller) #5

just was searching for a layout to dwg export function… would be very useful for architecture.

(Libny Pacheco) #6

You can “Save as” dwg and get the layouts as part of the dwg file. But if you have 3D geometry in the layout it will show as wireframes in Autocad (if you open the file in Autocad).

Printing a vectorial pdf works fine. But the Adobe pdf printer crashes in our computers. We had to install another pdf printer (PDF995) instead.

(Dbusmire) #7

Just wanted to necro this. The functionality of having each individual layout to a separate and unique DWG would be very useful when issuing sets.