Exporting Rhino 8 Layouts to DWG format

Is there a way to export layouts to dwg so I can share them as live drawings without having to use the MAKE 2D command on 100’s of elevations/sections?
I’m trying to share our scenic work with lighting/fabrication/and AV vendors that only work in AutoCad so this would be extremely helpful if possible.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi @lilabaghzouz I think you’re asking to be able to export your layout views of a 3D model to a 2D DWG file with 2D layouts, is that correct?

That would be so cool, but I think that’s not actually possible because it requires flattening the drawing into 2D on export.

I think this is the feature request:
RH-66820 Export to CAD: DWG or DXF


Hi @brian ,

I would also appreciate possibility to have direct Make2d from Detail view to the Layout.
Similar to the ChangeSpace command, but just flattering all the data from Detail to lines and bring it to the layout.
Do you see any help from ClippingDrawings command? Can we use it as a temporary path somehow?

Be advised, this will be a feature of VisualArq3:

The VA3 beta is out, but DWG export isn’t part of it yet (should be, soonish).

This, btw., is one example of a feature done by Asuni that is on the wishlist for “default” Rhino, too. (Another one would be vector output from Technical display mode, which is comparable to the VA “Hidden” display mode).
I’m really curious about what strategy McNeel will choose for features like this, when a 3rd party already developed, or is about to develop it. Leave it and let users buy the plugin? Do it again, with a slightly different flavour? Combine efforts and investment, and make it part of o.o.t.b. Rhino?

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