Dwg export of layout for issue to consultant

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone new of a solution to an issue that i am experiencing?

What I would like to be able to do, and why

i would like to able to generate a dwg of a layout for issue to a consulant in the same way that we send pdfs of drawings (layouts). the idea being that when the consultant opens the dwg in autocad the only information they have is the ‘title sheet’ with drawing numbe/disclaimers etc (and that this is all visible in ‘model space’ of autocad), the notes that were on the particular layout and the details that were on the layout.

As this is something that even Revit manages to do it can’t be that hard! I guess what I want is effectively a ‘dwg’ print driver - i appreciate that techincally this isn’t really an accurate discription!

our current work around

Currently i save a copy of a rhino file then perform the following steps:
1-embed all references
2-export .3dm to a dwg
3-open dwg then delete all the layers that have now become visble as the export function doesn’t maintain the visibility settings
4-delete any other extraneous bits of the model file content so as to not confuse the consultant
5-re-save the file as a dwg

Does anyone find themselves doing someting similar?

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Hi Louis- Export should help- you select only the items you want to export.


HI Pascal

thanks for your reply.

I am aware that it is very easy to simply export information as a .dwg. What i’m enquiring about is sublty different. What i need to be able to produce is a dwg of the layout in the same way that you would generate a pdf or simply print a layout.


Hi everybody !
I think my need is closely related to Louis question. The fact is that simply export to .dwg and open ( in Autocad for example) unactivates a brilliant rhino’s layouts feature which is the clipping plane. I use clipping planes to create slices of a complex model and then produce layouts of those slices. Then I can produce very clear 2D layout of my model for pdf printing.
Exporting as .dwg keeps all layouts, but isolated slices are destroyed due to translation process.
In Autocad 2010 there is a command called EXPORTLAYOUT, very similar to the “dwg print driver” described by Louis.

Sorry to re-open this old conversation, but I think that such a feature could really help those dealing with big models 2D layouts.



I am looking for this “dwg print driver” too, or even better, a “2D 3dm print driver” as some of my shipyard customers use Rhino to edit and print my plans.
Would be the main feature I am waiting for. In the meantime, I have to leave aside Rhino layouts.

As workaround, I have to create a “2D file” for each project. This file contains all the plans. Some are just linear plans (sections) other are views (shaded/rendered) with clipping planes. This file contains several times the 3D project. It makes this file very heavy and of course redundant.


I draw in model space, ie Top View and use a Layout of different details to make a final drawing.

If you try to “Export” this layout as a .dwg , you get the what ever was drawn on the Layout and NONE of the Details information that was drawn in Model Space

This is a serious problem as other parties are still ( stupidly, I think) using a program that needs .dwg format, and I can’t send my drawings to them

Can anyone assist ?

Hi Lougad,

Did you get a reply to your post ? I know it was a long time ago but still.


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