Export layout with selected geometry to a .dwg

Is it possible that in 2019 with Rhino 6 we are still not able to export the layout to a .dwg file but the selected geometry only? These feature has been essentially for the last couple of years.
What we can do now is to export layout to a .dwg file with “File->Save as”, but this will export EVERY GEOMETRY from the .3dm file.

What frequently happens is that I have a 3d model from which I create 2d drawings. These drawings then need to be exported as layouts in .pdf and .dwg formats.
Printing to a pdf is not an issue.
Export to a .dwg file is. I do not want to delete my 3d model then run the Save as command, export the layout, then undo the deletion of the 3d model.

I would like to export to a .dwg a layout but only containing the selected geometry.

As the whole process is automated, this is the key of having to use only Rhino for both 3d modelling and 2d drafting and completely forgetting about AutoCAD.

Can we get this feature for Rhino 6 please?

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Hi - I’ll have to read a bit between the lines because it is not completely clear to me - your request is that what is visible in a Detail on a layout is exported to the DWG file, right? If so, I’ve added your request to the open YT item - RH-2462.

As a workaround, you could use the ChangeSpace command to move or copy 2D geometry from the model space to the layout. Then select this geometry on the layout and export that to DWG. You might have to scale by your required scale factor to fit the geometry on the layout.

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Hi @wim,

Thank you for the suggestion!
To be honest I was not aware of the new ChangeSpace command.
I just tried your suggesting. The issue is that it exports the geometry scaled. So not in 1:1 ratio.

The opposite might be what I am looking for: copy the 2d geometry from the layout to the model space and then export. The issue that I find with this is that when the text is copied from the layout to the model space the ‘Model space scale’ of the text kick’s in. Even after changing it (now that that the text is in the layout), text’s origin deviates from what it was in the layout.

Another thing that I just realized is that I can scale the header (frame) itself in the model space, and then export the .dwg by selecting it and the geometry.
But the problem is that in that case the .pdf can not be exported (automatically through rs.Command).
Because _-Print _Go does not do anything. This looks like a bug.