Layout issues

I am trying to do 2D plans for a stair, I did the dimensions for the details in the Layout space, however after being done I wanted to move the individual layouts, but this is breaking up the dimension´s associations with the 3D objects…

I did a small video to illustrate the problem:

can anybody help me here?

Thanks and best regards


Hello Andreas, it may be something to do with Annotation History being enabled. I actually do 99% of my annotating, dimensioning etc in model space after using Make2d. Try disabling the history, this might be what you are looking for

Hello Milezee,
thank you for your answer…

Well I used to do that as well, but I need something which is faster when it comes to changes, so I want to have a more “modern” workflow in which the details will update automatically and dimensions up to what is possible right now as well…

When you dimension 3D parts, the dimension lines are automatically associated with your reference points, if you modify the liked geometry, the dimensions will (normally ) update as well, you do not need to turn on history for that, it is automatic…



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Dear Andreas:

select nothing else then a single detail.
move only the detail.

the annotation-object should follow because of the history.

does this do the job ?
are you running the lastest update / SR ?

kind regards -tom

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works here:

Mmmmh not here…

layout issues2

P.S: I do not have history enabled when doing dimensioning is that the recomended workflow ?

use the command
Record Annotation History should be turned on while drawing the Annotations
(Record can be turned off - for standard geometry…)

as a workarround you can also
for all objects …
(the dimensions / annotation will loose their connections to the objects…)

did you test for a simple new file ?
check history-settings as above.
draw a box, some dimensions, create a layout, move the detail.

Well, that’s what I try to avoid :slight_smile:
Just to clarify: I am able to move the dimension together with the detail, but then exactly this happens : I get the error message that the history is broken (see video)

I will try your other suggestions and report back…

thank you so far !

Hi Tom,
I just did a brand new file and indeed it works…
here are the settings:

But why is it not working with my file?
Puzzling… the settings are the same!

I think I found the possible cause…

dragging the layout farther away, I noticed that some of the dimension lines do indeed move with it. It seems that somehow I picked points which were not recognized as real 3D reference points I suppose.

Is there a best practice how to do your dimension line referencing?

… so here is a workaround I found:

  1. only move the detail
  2. select all left elements together with a rectangle that is the same size / position as your detail and move this to the new position separatly
    → no broken links…
    layout issues3

Hi Andreas -

If you manage to pinpoint how those annotations got in this state, please let us know!


Thanks for your workaround
But did you find any proper solution ?
4 broken links still remaining in my dimensions
And still very annoying

I found an other way to do
Works fine

  1. Copy your display AND dimensions out of your layout page (anywhere)
  2. Erase your 1st display
  3. copy the copy AND dimensions in the correct position you want it to be displaced

BUT you loose ALL history…