Dimensions go crazy every time after updating model (possible to disable history for all new dimensions as workaround?)

Hello, I’m encountering a really annoying error in my Rhino model where as soon as I move anything in my model, my dimensions go completely crazy in my layout and scale by themselves to enormous sizes (see screenshot; the tiny white square near the bottom is my 24x36" layout). I think this is a bug and I’m wondering if it’s related to my annotation style that I’ve been using for many years and maybe is not completely compatible with the latest Rhino update. I could upload my annotation style for inspection but I’m not sure how to export it in Rhino 7.

In any case, if I move my dimensions to break history (then move them back into place), this prevents the dimensions from going crazy if I want to edit my model. So is there a way for me to completely disable automatic dimension history for all new dimensions? I never really found this feature useful for the way I model and draft anyways. I’m hoping this can be done otherwise this error is going to be a major problem for me going forward.



Hello- run the History command to disable automatic dimension history. Can you please post a simple file where this bug occurs? I’ve seen reports of this but have not been able to make it happen on demand.


Thanks for your reply, pascal. I’ll try and save a simplified version and see if the problem persists. And is there a way to export annotation styles in Rhino 7? I’ve done a fair amount of googling on the question but haven’t found an answer.

Hi -

The annotation styles are saved in the 3dm document. You can import those from a different file by using the ImportAnnotationStyles command.

Ah, yes, now I remember. Thanks. In the past, I would simply copy/paste between documents to ‘export’ my annotation style. Thanks!

I have saved a simplified version of my Rhino file and saved it immediately after the moment the dimensions go crazy in my layout - you will see the enormous dimensions in my layout. The error happened after drawing a simple polyline on my temp layer, but this seems to happen after anything changes in the model and the dimensions have history.

Dimensions Error Example Model.3dm (456.3 KB)

So is there no checkbox in the options to disable annotation history, or some similar option?

Hello -

Run the History command to set the automatic recording of annotation history.

Thanks for the file - what would be ideal is, if you can make the bad thing happen, Undo enough to un-crazy the dimension, and then save the file and send it, and tell me exactly what you did to make it happen.


Sorry, I missed your previous comment about the History command. Does this command need to be run every time I re-open my Rhino file or will annotation history stay disabled permanently?

I’ve set up the example test model right before the dimensions go crazy - to see the error happen, change the size of the detail view in the layout, delete the text I’ve made while inside the detail view in the layout or move/edit anything in the model that the dimensions have a history with.

Dimensions Error Example Model (Before Bad).3dm (604.7 KB)

@Ando thanks, that is perfect. I see the problem exactly as you describe it in 7.4, 7.5 but not, so far in the 7.6 service release candidate- you can get the fixed (7.6) version by changing the ‘Update frequency’ in Options > Updates and Statistics page to ‘Service release candidate’
Of course, shout if that does not sort it out for you.


Cool, thanks for your help! I’ll give the SR candidate a try! Otherwise, it’s good to know about the History settings.