Last update messed up RhinoWIP


I’ve installed the latest update (Version 6 WIP (6.12.18310.10526, 2018-11-06)), and RhinoWIP started behaving in a strange manner: it often quits right after opening, Layouts won’t load, opening previously created files is not possible (quitting), etc., I’m sure I could find others as well, but it just ruins the fun of it.:frowning:

Did anyone else notice this as well, or should I just reinstall the whole thing?


Do you get the crash reporter dialog? If you do please send in the reports.

Maybe you could attach here a (simple) file that crashes Rhino for you…

Nope, it just quits after a few seconds, I don’t get a report – which is weird.

Actually, I use an app called Focus that blocks websites that are distracting while working, and it kills them instantly after opening. I also use it on some applications as well, they quit in the same way, while the “do not disturb” period lasts. Probably it has nothing to do with it, but other software had issues with some utilities that I’m using.

Sorry, I forgot to do it, so I’m attaching a test file which was the one that crashed Rhino for the first time. On my other computer it opens as expected, I guess you won’t have issues as well. Simple hatches, that’s all.

Thanks for taking a look!

Do you get the crashy behavior still when disabling Focus?


Don’t bother for the time being, I’ve reinstalled and works for now.

Weird - but good it works. Let us know when it fails again.

FWIW, the file opens fine on my machine, I can switch views, scroll, zoom, etc.

Well, the file opens now. I was messing around with Snapshots, so it is possible that it was related to that, because I found another funny thing.

  1. Go to the Snapshots panel.
  2. Change the Inspector to Properties, and change it back.
  3. The Panels won’t show anymore, unless Rhino is restarted. If it’s not showing up after restart, go to preferences, and change the Themes. After restart, it will work again.

I cannot reproduce the crashes, so I cannot tell, whether it was due to Focus, or Snaphots, or something completely different, sorry!

@furtonb Thanks for reporting, I can repeat this problem. We’ll look into it.

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This should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give it a try and let us know if you still see problems.