Is Thea Render dead for Rhino?

Altair bought Thea Render of Solid Iris Technologies for their SolidThinking product line.
So I think there will be no support for Rhino in the future.

exactly the reason I wait for more info from Altair before I purchase the Rhino plugin. Already own a licence for Sketchup.

Maybe there could be some answers here in a couple of hours.

For what it is worth-

Right now it’s not dead. I’m using it and bugs, when reported, are fixed. The main developer recently also said: ‘We do have a ton of new features/improvements…’ Which unfortunately haven’t been announced yet.

I just watched the webinar. Learned a lot and no mention of the change of hands. I did find out that I must not have gotten a full install as I don’t have all the great Thea material libraries shown in the webinar.

I had no idea of the post-render tweaks to individual lights, sort of like Maxwell MultiLight, I think.

The webinar should be up on Vimeo by now.

When you open (licensed) Thea Studio/Standalone and go to Help -> Check for Updates… you can probably download everything @ggliatis used in the webinar. Next time you open Rhino everything you downloaded will be available there, too. There is also a nice website with tons of models, materials, skies, etc.

Right now it’s not dead.

This remembers me what answered TSPLINE after the buying by Autodesk …

Thea For Rhino is not dead of course. :slight_smile:

Development continues and will continue normally.


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Of course it is dead.
You really think that Altair who makes SolidThinking, which is a competitor of Rhino, will continue to develop Thea for Rhino?

Autodesk made all the right noises about continuing development of T-Splines & VSR shortly after their acquisition. Of course it didn’t last, I doubt if anybody expected it to. I foresee a similar outcome with Thea somewhere down the road but perhaps Altair are more benevolent.

Good Rhino plug-ins being swallowed up has happened too often recently (maybe it was ever thus, I’ve only been using Rhino for a few years so I’m a relative newcomer). It is a concern, that a piece of software you rely on can be taken away. T-Splines is the only one that has effected me so far, and I only used it occasionally. V-Ray is the one that concerns me the most, hopefully its future is secure.

I’m the developer of Thea For Rhino.

I can assure you, it isn’t dead.



OK your are the developer of Thea For Rhino but are you also the boss of Altair?

Well, not to be pessimist here, but currently V-Ray exists as a plug-in for the following software:

Edit - there are a few more…

3DS Max (Autodesk)
Maya (Autodesk)
Softimage (Autodesk, already dead)
Revit (Autodesk)
Cinema4D (Maxon)
Modo/Nuke/Katana (Foundry)

So, what do you think?


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Are you bored? Why didn’t you ask Altair’s boss in the first place when you don’t accept any answers?

Indeed it does make you wonder. I hadn’t actually noticed how many of the V-Ray plugins work with Autodesk software, although its hardly surprising as they have acquired so many packages over the years.

Hopefully Chaos Group won’t succumb.

and Revit

Thanks, my list was indeed too short (fixed). --Mitch

Luxion still independent. Keyshot may have the most extensive list of supported apps and formats. New deal last month with PTC, for Creo 4, described as collaboration…(fingers and toes crossed)

Of course Dassault took Bunkspeed/RTT for Solidworks, but personally speaking, who gives a poop. Was inferior IMO.


I watched a webinar by the CEO of Autodesk when they first acquired T-Splines. He said the exact same thing.

Somehow, a few years later, a miracle occurred and he changed his mind.