Thea Render for Rhino v1.5

Hello everyone,

we just released Thea for Rhino v1.5.03 with many improvements.

If you are not familiar with Thea, it is a rendering solution offering high quality unbiased & biased rendering and can deliver very fast results using its GPU engine (currently working with NVidia GPU cards but it is not required as it can work also very efficiently on CPU).

In the past months, we have given an intense effort for integrating Thea in Rhino, with fast interactive rendering (even inside viewport!), ground plane and shadow catcher, custom material visualization, clipping planes and many other features. Take a look at our showreel video here

For those interested, you can find more details about the integration and you are also welcomed to download the evaluation version at our Rhino dedicated page:


Hi Dimitris,

Congrats on the new release!

If this is something you want to show up on our news blog (, then send me ( what you want to appear and I’ll post it for you.

– Dale

Thanks Dale!!

my colleague Anthony will email Carlos for this


Just to add something more to my colleague Dimitris.

We are going to make a big promo discount (specifically for Thea for Rhino), for a very limited time period. So check out the evaluation version and stay tuned - it is coming! :wink:

Best wishes

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Adding to this post (not opening a new thread),

We have a limited time (5 days) promotional offer with 25% discount for “Thea for Rhino” standard license. Just enter our site ( and you will quickly spot it. :wink:

Best wishes