Thea Render Plugin

Hi All,

is there any chance that Rhinoceros team or someone else can provide support for Thea Render team? They already have plugin for Rhinoceros but not really well made. There are some problems in development. Thea is great render software and it could be the best render solution for Rhinoceros in the market, but really need better plugin. There is also Thea SDK so it could be little bit easier to create the plugin also for freelance programmers I think. I read something about provided help from Rhinoceros team for Arion. Arion have really nice integrated plugin so I have been dreaming about similar support for Thea Render because Thea with their Presto engine is the best solution for our team in the market and I am sure there are many more teams which need similar renderer. We do not want to change also the modeling software because only plugin is missing. Rhino + Thea could be the best marriage ever :wink:


Perhaps @andy knows someone that can help.

Actually, the Thea people have been in contact with me throughout the entire development process. I’m not sure exactly what happened over there, but at some point the development effort was moved from one team to another.

You can be assured that they are getting support from us - so I think a better approach might be to report problems to the Thea development team.

Thank you all, it is nice to hear all is on right way :slight_smile: I was only not sure because we are waiting so long for a new plugin version. Old one is still with some bugs which I reported long time ago and there are no so much information about new version on Thea forum. Let’s hope they will release new plugin early.

Thanks again.