Is the OBJ export down or what?

Using SR19 here ; OBJ export seems to be down.

What do you mean by “down”? Typically “down” related to computers means hardware is not functioning as in “the server is down”.

I saved a mesh based in a sphere as a .obj file in Version 6 SR20 (6.20.19314.15311, 11/10/2019) I then opened the saved file to confirm that it saved properly.

Can you post an example of .3dm geometery which is not be saved as a .obj file and the options you used.

Wasn’t my screen capture self-explanatory ?
Doesn’t work.
This Parrot is no more.

I suppose you are on a release candidate. No thanks.
Managed to do my stuff with the Rhino 7 WIP .
Guess what ? you can now project control points on other geometry.

Can you check in Options > Plug-ins if the .obj export module is loaded?

It’s there, it’s loaded, but it fails.

It says enabled, but not loaded (There is no Yes in the Loaded column…). Enabled means it can be loaded, that it isn’t blocked (load-protected in Rhino-lingo).

Other reasons why it still could fail: unknown characters in material, layer, object names (although I think we managed to handle most of them).

I thought all of the import/export plugins were supposed to only load on demand… so enabled but not loaded is normal before one calls the export plugin for the first time - seems like something may be blocking the plugin from loading?

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The theory is that they are automatically loaded yes. A good test is to try loading it through that plug-ins manager, see if it actually gets loaded. If it does load the error happens during the writing, something strange in the data to export causes a problem.

Well, when I try to export, the message says “The file writing plugin failed”, not “Although the plugin is enabled, it is somehow not loaded”, which itself would not be very helpful.

So now what ?

Does the plug-in load when right-clicking on it in the plug-in manager, then select to load? If it does we need more information to figure out what is going on:

  • does exporting of simple box in new file to obj file in a local location work?
  • were you exporting to a network location?
  • maybe sharing the obj file would be helpful to determine the caus of the failure

At least I was able to export a variety of models to obj.

Well, I loaded it manually, and now it works.
Is the nuance between “Loaded” and “enabled” (which I still don’t understand) really useful for the user ?
I mean you might as well knock yourselves out and stack other flags like “Operative”, “Functioning”, “Working”, and confuse the hell out of us even further.

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What is Vayvory ? A new anxiety pill ?

no, a tranquilizer

Yes. As explained above, an enabled plug-in is one that can automatically load on demand if it is so designed and not loaded at startup. This can dramatically improve startup times with very slow to load plug-ins like V-Ray for example - it doesn’t load on startup if it’s not the default renderer or before the first time you start a render or change settings.

Loaded means it was either loaded at startup automatically or you already called it once.

Disabling plug-ins keeps them “installed”, - that is Rhino knows they exist and can be loaded when enabled - but keeps them from loading automatically. This is also beneficial with other slow to load plug-ins that take up resources like RhinoCAM, if you don’t need them all the time you can keep them disabled until you do.


Well that’s one convoluted mess all right.

Hey Yoga man, go drink your green tea somewhere.
I wonder why McNeel decided that some basic features like export to another file format should be presented to the user as goddamn plugins.

I wouldnt care so much if at least those “plugins” didn’t suddenly decide not to load (or become disabled ; whatever , it just makes me waste my time).

Whatever one doesn’t understand always appears to be a “convoluted mess” .

Because they can be loaded when needed and easily modified/replaced with new service releases if necessary.

Of course. Whenever it’s a problem for you, it becomes a problem for everyone.

Dear Dinosaur,

My opinion, is that the management of Plugins in Rhino is messy.
If I follow your reasonning, all the features in Rhino could be plugins, well that makes no sense.
I posted here because the software didn’t do what it was supposed to do ; that’s the purpose of a forum.

My guess here is that the darn OBJ export didn’t work because OBJ export is implemented like a louse on the back of a dog and can be shaken off randomly, which in my case was inconvenient, thus my suggestion that it shouldn’t be a plugin.

Now to bitch further, one could ask why commands like “Mesh from Points” or “Squish” are also plugin dingleberries.
My guess : Rhino development is a garbled mess.
I thought V6 was supposed to be a big clanup, but I can still see these archaic pile-ups.

Yep, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.