OBJ export fails

Hi. I have been trying to export meshes to blender in order to make gltf files–> using Rhino export to obj file.
This export suddenly it fails and an error message pops up and states that no closed mesh objects were exported, in fact other tines i exported large scenes with mixed open and closed meshes the closed ones were exported

last week i had exported dozens of the same mesh, open and closed, today I cannot, and it is driving me absolutely crazy any idea what is going on.

i did a mesh check and it says its a perfectly good mesh etc.


Hello - please check that ‘export open meshes’ is set on the Mesh page of OBJ export.



Thank you.
I have been working so fast throwing a project together, there was no time to actually think or see anything.
That little silly issue gave me so much brain ache.
Thank you for your prompt response!
I owe you!