Is Rhino 8 just a joke?

First of all, I love Rhino. I have been a user of V5 for a long time and it is flawless. Rhino 8 acts like a different program with tons of issues. I see the forum packed with V8 problems, basic functions don’t work. Obviously any new piece of software comes with bugs, but this is ridiculous. What happened?


So is this something you have experienced personally, or is this just from reading the forum? What “basic functions” have you tried yourself and what isn’t working? Have you submitted any forum posts yourself on those?


I don’t see all this problems here…
A lot of problems are from third part plugins but the users claims that is Rhino’s fault… don’t know if this is fair…

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No issues here. Love it!


sounds like solidarism

yes… what happened i fully agree, v8 is really not a good move. it was introduced buggy messed up and after many months of battling on the forum, things got better but the animal keeps losing its tail and in other aspects its still a mess and far from being good. i solely speak now for the mac side of Rhino but the voices where loud and clear all over the place for windows maybe almost the same?

i dont want to keep bashing but i for my part cant get really into the state of reliably working in at least those aspects i had in v7 since i have switched to v8. bearing with bugs that just should not even be there at all for such a long time is just terrible… and i am not saying that to brush of my frustration, it is just plain clear facts.

i know McNeel guys are working their **ses off to stitch it back together, that is also a fact, but that just makes the current experience not much better to be fair.


If you are experiencing issues, and don’t yet see them being addressed / logged, it would be helpful to send details.



While I have had a number of larger bugs and issues with using Rhino 8 for me it was a bunch of really small things that have made me switch back to Rhino 7 for now. Things like the command line losing focus when you interact with a panel, weird selection behaviour in sub-object selections where geometry slowly becomes un-selectable until you hammer on the escape key to completely exit the subobject state. There’s a bunch of tiny things that make the software just feel bad to use and I’ve just needed to give up until things get to a more usable state.


Also been using since v4 - switched our whole office back to V7 as V8 is just terrible!!


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Can you be specific about the bugs that made you decide switching back to Rhino 7?


@jsb.walker it would be helpful if you can be more specific about the bugs you mentioned. Also I wonder what was the last version of Rhino 8 that you tested before you switched back to Rhino 7?

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I have mentioned the bugs I care most about in a previous thread before. I just installed the latest version of Rhino 8 and the issues still exist.

EDIT: I actually partially take that back, it seems like you might have solved the issue I had with polylines, but it also seems like a quick workaround because now the control points flash on quickly before vanishing when selecting a line segment in a way that doesn’t seem intentional.

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thanks I will have a look at those

I see that, I’ll write something up for that.
RH-81310 Flashing polyline control points - visual glitch

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I think there were some unconventional challenges with R8. There’s obviously some issues with ETO forms (I think they switched to ETO to make PC/Mac versions more in sync). And obviously some other stuff. I don’t think this will be “normal” for a new release.

Unlike other companies, McNeel won’t just leave their software as-is and make you wait until next years’ version until they fix things. Most other programs are doing just that and have worse issues than R8 does. AutoCAD has started acting up ($2,000+ per year). Within the last few years I’ve tried at least two programs that were so broken they were un-useable. One was a CAD clone, aka a much simpler program, that costs more than Rhino.

There’s so many bugs that they have to prioritize the “deal-breakers” and then deal with the smaller stuff. I posted a boolean difference bug that they ignored (or rather may have ignored, and probably just for the time being), but that’s okay as it’s something that I can work-around. The printing issues they worked around the clock fixing. Other vendors will actually lie to customers and even blame them (the aforementioned CAD clone did just that).

I’ve learnt that it comes with the territory. That’s not to say anyone’s frustrations aren’t justified. But if you want to get the most mileage you have to be a little proactive. If you’re able to outline your most serious bugs it gives them a way better chance of solving them. And for the stuff you can live with I would say keep that in store for later. I say this as someone who’s probably one of the more fortunate users. Basically once the printing issues were sorted (they are mostly sorted… you may have to stick to a few specific display modes) I’ve been able to use R8 without much trouble. And there is R7 of course but it’s hard to switch back after using some of the new stuff in R8.

So ya it sucks but be patient… the pace of improvements has really been unlike anything else I’ve seen. It makes me wonder what other vendors are doing with all the subscription fees (I don’t actually wonder… the fees go to investors and executive’s pay).


well i have been using rhino from the 5.0 and for me rhino 7 is real good.
Now moving to rhino 8 have made me think about coming back to Rhino 7.

The last issue i had was when i tried to print a model (from the layout of course).
The output scale failed was a total mess compared with Rhino 7 (working in meters in model space and in mm in layout space…)


Hi Javier -

Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

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I agree with you. I’ve been using Rhino when it was beta a long time ago. I remember after the commercial release I had an issue with my micro scribe digitizer. I called them up, Brian Gillespie answered, I told him what the problem was and he had the call on speaker phone and his programmer/developer was also on that call and this guy says “I can do that what you are suggesting!” and sure enough, the next release, which was a very short time, the fix was in and it worked for many years and releases. I just made a detailed yet simple example of a bug this Thursday and within 2 hours I had 16 replies, over 680 views and it got escalated up the chain right away!

So I feel like what Keith and others have said, point out what the issues are, write out exactly how to duplicate it and put it on the forum. You will get a response! I work with many different types of software, i.e… Altair’s HyperWorks and RADIOSS, ANSYS’s LS-DYNA, Geomagic’s XOS and Wrap, SolidWorks, a few others, that costs way more than Rhino and I get more bang for my buck with their development team than I do with the bigger boys by far when I have an issue! I work with Avid’s Pro Tools and it took them 4 months to correct a bug in their ecosystem and that was after I got frustrated with the support engineer not understanding what the issue was, I wrote a very detailed bug report, line by line by line on how to repeat the issue and like I said, 4 months later I got a response that it was acknowledged, repeatable and corrected. 4 months! The Rhino development team is very responsive to us the users of their creation. And my background is I started with AutoCAD when it was version 1.8 back in the 80’s so I’ve touched quite a few applications in my time and have had many headaches along the way.

I also feel that complaining about the software not working correctly doesn’t help any of us. I would assume all the users have projects that become or are mission critical to what we do for a living with this tool. And if there is an issue, there is probably a work around to get the tasks at hand done. Release 8 has some issues sure, but tell me, what software doesn’t? I can’t name any that don’t right off hand, can you?


Oh I complain lol! Sometimes I hate myself for it. Sometimes it’s “constructive” and perhaps helpful. Recently my mindset really shifted.

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A complaint with sufficient information that the complaint can be acted on can be constructive.

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As long as you clearly state your problem, imho, no other CAD or even software company i have worked with responds as quickly as McNeel. I work for an autocad shop, they are all jealous.