Is it possible to achieve Outline render using V-ray?

Is it possible to achieve outline render in V-ray exactly like this ?

image from

yes you can do this with Vray Toon shader

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can you give me further instructions, please?

if you make an emissive material and use that as a base for a vray toon shader, make the environment 100% white and then you can make these renderings fast without GI calculations.
Alternatively you can use Rhino viewport in Technical mode for this with ViewCaptureToFile. In Rhino 6 at least you can do this at any desired resolution

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Thank you!,
Exactly the result I was looking for, But sorry I’m not that good in V-Ray, is this what you meant by the environment should be set to 100?

No that is a multiplier. Leave it at 1, but the background color pure white

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Aha!, Okay I got it, Color have to be set to 100% white, thanks for you help!

Is there any alternative way to do that kind of render?, I see the result is almost perfect, but starting from a emissive material sounds really weird and tricky,
I thought this render could be a hidden options somehow.

maybe a bit weird but…tricky?
Anyhow the emissive is there to make it pure white no matter the lighting, this way Vray doesn’t need to calculate the lighting (–>faster)

The alternative I already gave: using Technical display

…with background sat to white and hidden lines turned off that is :slight_smile:
And then you use ViewCaptureToFile and you can set a desired multiplier to get a high resolution version.

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Yeah I know how to use technical display but it is not the prefect solution for me, at least for the case I’m working on, so I have to switch to a native rendering solution, and here we are.

Thanks your help guys! and have a nice day!

hello i tried the toon material but look at what i have

cant find the black lines
and i still have shadows on the object

Is the base material an emissive material? Also I don’t see outlines - did you apply the toon material? (You can use the global material override instead also.)