URGENT : how to get a technical drawing of a 3d model with rhino and Vray

Hello, i have to get a drawing of a 3d model in front view with Rhino or Vray

how to get this ?
exemple :


Hi - for an image like that, you could probably use the Technical display mode or use Make2D.

thanks for reply.
how to get a clear white background ? thanks

Is your display background color set to white?—-Mark

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Hi @emile_francois
If you want to use V-Ray you should take a look at https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VNFR/Toon+Material

Here there’s a discussion about this explaining how to get it.

Hello, thanks for you answer.
the sedonc link (mcneel forum) is private or doesnt exist. could you post a screenshot of the content please ?
thanks a lot

I edited the link, it should work.
If not, you can use search and look for “Is it possible to achieve Outline render using V-ray?”

Good luck!

link is workin thanks

i try to use technical view, it is ok but my objet still be white. how to change it in black ? can’t find in the setting

Hi -

Can you please post a 3dm file and a screenshot of what you are seeing?