Create external ambient lighting

I’m trying to set up a couple of Rhino templates that we can use in office for rendering various details (bays, windows, sections of elevations, etc). I basically want to create an environment that does not rely on the sun for illumination, but instead creates a well-lit all over illumination in order to show clearly different details.

I’ve tried messing about with various settings such as trying different GI engines and using HDR skies and but I generally don’t know what to do in order to create the best results without ridiculously large render times.

I’ve tried searching for downloadable settings presets but found nothing of any real use. If anyone could provide me with some good tips/settings for achieving this sort of universal lighting it would be much appreciated.

which GI engines or rendering engine do u use?

Primary is irradiance map, secondary is brute force. That’s just what it happened to be on by default, I haven’t selected for any specific reason.

u re using vray?
try to use Irradiance Map as Primary bounces and light cache for secondary bounces. use Vray dome light to get well lit scene without any weird artifact. that should give you a pretty descend result. but if u need some realism, Proper HDR is better.

Yeah, Vray for Rhino - should have specified! Ok thanks I’ll give that a try and see how it turns out, thanks for your help!

you can post or screenshot your scene so we can see better what kind of result do u want to achieve. but for GI Solution, a good balance between speed, precision and quality is I would say IM + LC.

if you want the most accurate calc. it is BF + BF

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