Changing Background Color To White In Vray Next

So, I’ve been trying to make renders in Vray Next with Rhino 6 and I cannot figure out how to make the background color white without reflecting the lights or HDRI map in. This is the only color I can get it close to.

Sorry for picking up on an old thread again… but:

@z3rocool have you managed to get this fixed? i am having the same problem with productshots for a catalog. :confused:

my aproach:
under Settings > Environment > Background I set the background to white and I thought the number assigned influences it’s effect on the lighting in the scene. that seems correct. but by changing the brighness of the background and when i change it to 0 the background itself turns black. the higher the number, the whiter the background, but then it also brightens the image render object.

I guess that’s the correct behaviour. problem is the the edges of the alpha channel when I want to use it in photoshop for example.

so, again, I was wondering, if you found a workaround.


One thing you can do is override the background for GI, reflection and refraction. Then anything you do to the background only affects the background.

Alternatively you can change the background in VFB by assigning a background image and save this with the image.

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thanks @Gijs, that’s pretty much what I was after!
sorry, saw your reply just now. both methods work like a charm.

glad to have found one person out there that is willing to answer stupid questions! :laughing:
(don’t know, why I didnt get there by myself)

thanks again,

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