Can v5 create lne rendering?

I need to discover the best ways to render architecture buildings as a wireframe image under vray enviornment.

I could use “varyedgetex” material to do it. however, last time i tried, some lines were missing. Is there any other better way to do it?

If there is no better way, does it mean I still need to use 3dmax to render my buildings?


can we do the rendering as attached in Rhino Vray?

Yes, there’s a toon shader in V-Ray for Rhino

Thanks. Do you know any webste showng wreframe renderngs by Rhno vray?

V-Ray’s toon shader is extremely powerfull because you start with any V-Ray shader and add a “toon effect” on top, as you can see in the screen capture:

The effects can be from flat shading with strong outline to realistic material with an outline added for emphasis.

Hi Marc,

where i can find toon shader? it looks it is in the material lists, however I can’t locate it.

In the material editor, you create a new toon material and you then select a normal V-Ray material as the base.

You select the base material, in this case I chose “Red dull” which is a standard V-Ray material I created beforehand. The settings underlined are what I play with.


That was over-the-top helpful. Great explanation.

Another good use is when you have a very shiny material in a bright environment & white background. Its almost impossible not to have an edge ‘blow out’ and disappear against the background. In that case, I will make a toon version of the material (usually chrome) and add a 1-pixel outline in medium gray; the black default line can be too dark and gives it away.

My colleague created toon shader material and use it on the scene. Then the file size were increased dramatically. Do you guys experience the similar thing?

Also, the attached rendering is under Rhino V5 Vray environment. What do you guys think the rendering quality like lighting, materials? The suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I happened to find a rendering in the web, do you guys think it is done by toon shader?

woah three years ago, but ill give it a try!

This is a great tool, No need for PS now, but the only problem is that it doesn’t show in my render. Im a beginner in Rhino!

Found this :

I found and have been using this CG-Rendered Wireframe .ini file for several years for screencaptures of viewportcapturetofile.

See if that helps.