Intel Denoiser


For sure you will have seen this:

As far as I understand, it is open source.
Means could be a good addition to Cycles…
Not sure if it will work on non-Intel CPUs.

@Charles, I have indeed seen it. It is on my personal wish list to work with, but we’ll see when I get my todo list down to a state that allows me to play with new stuff.

Haha, that will NEVER happen…
Just a joke!

Open denoise, open rt, Intel vs Nv:sunglasses:

Is some denoising available for AMD CPUs as well?
Perhaps in V7 WIP?

I have re-read on cgchannel and found out the denoiser should work on AMD as well.

It’s all coming. Very very soon.


I’m used to “soon” for so many years.
“Very very soon” is a new term :grin:

Good to hear, thanks for the info.

Soon just turned into the denoisers are now available: New in Rhino 7 Rendering Denoisers available