Denoiser options for R8 Mac

Got Rhino 8 for Mac, having a blast, got to the render stage, ran PackageManager, got the Intel Denoiser… and it doesn’t work, got this message:
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 14.36.53

Friends at McNeel, is this something that will be added any time soon do you think?

In the meantime what are the options for grain-free render wanting, mac-operating humans like me?

I’m running an M1 Macbook Air (a real rendering beast, I know!)

Not yet.
We do have denoisers for the older Intel CPU Macs with AMD gpus but not for the newer Macs yet.

until that launches, photoshop has a new denoiser that may be useful-

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Hi Douglas -

Apparently, this is in progress → RH-71149 The Intel Denoiser functionality has been disabled on Apple Silicon due to crashing

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cycles is so much faster in v8 now, or not? i hardly feel the need for denoising. of course if you are always in a hurry… , still i never quite liked the looks of a de noised image, looks too artificial and distracts way more than having a little natural grain and noise giving it a litte extra substance.