Render with AMD Denoiser and Radeon Pro Vega 64 on I-Mac Pro

Dear Rhino for Mac user,
I tried the render tool and the AMD denoiser today on Rhino for Mac.
The I-Mac Pro has a Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphic card.
Result: Error: AI denoise filter not supported on this system.

Is this graphic card not supported, or did I do anything wrong?
Why isn’t it possible to change the current render device in the circle
settings? CPU only!

THX and BR, M

  • AMDdenoiser - only very recent Navi and Vega AMD video cards.
  • INTELdesnoiser - Good for any computer. This is the recommended denoiser for all Mac plaforms.

Due to bad OpenCL support from Apple the Cycles developers decided already over a year ago to disable it on the MacOS platform. They did not want to waste time in neverending problems and only worsening support from Apple side.

There has been some attempts to create a new backend based on Metal, but it hasn’t been developed enough yet to make it useful yet.

even the INTELdenoiser isn’t working on my machine.

Dear Nathan, thanks for this somehow frustrating answer.

There is some hope of a Metal-based backend, but it is not in the near-future. More like an idea on the horizon. There is a crude initial patch for Cycles upstreams, but it is far from complete.

I see… For me as a user it’s very hard to understand the effort of programming and software development. I personally prefer the Mac platform and like the interface you guys did for Rhino for Mac a lot. It would be a pity if there will be no “next level” in performance and development. (for example: cycle and work session). I also use DaVinci Resolve on my machine and while using this I always wonder how they managed to make it so fast. Again, I have no idea about the work you do and if a comparison to DaVinci makes any sense at all since its a video software. In any case, I cross fingers for the metal backend and any Rhino for Mac improvement what might come up.

Hi @mschwary,

What happens when you use the Intel Denoiser? Does it give you an error message?


Hi @DavidEranen, thank you for asking. Somehow it “stripes” the render. when I un-check the Denoiser it jumps back to a normal render image. Check the denoiser again, and it goes back to the stripes. please see the screenshot below.

Hi @mschwary,

I don’t really know what could be causing the glitchy output from the Intel Denoiser, but I’ve released a newer version of it on the package manager. Please try it out and let me know how it goes.