Denoiser issue

(7.0.20210.12505, 28.07.2020)

When rendering is done, I select the Intel Denoiser.

Once this was checked, the CPU load cranks up.
It stays as it is, even if the Render window is closed.

Only closing and restarting Rhino helps.

Apart from this, the Denoiser is a very good thing!

Hmm…try while it is rendering. Does that work?

What shall I try?
I don’t understand.

Here’s what I do:
Load model
wait until ready
(no CPU load now)
check Intel Denoiser
(denoised image is display almost immediately)
from now on the CPU load is at 15% (8 cores CPU)
…and never goes down

When I check Intel Denoiser during rendering, the CPU load is the same as when checking afterwards.

Hi Charles - I see something like this - about half the cpu usage you report (nVidia here, that may make some difference, I believe the Intel is cpu only) , but the same otherwise. I’ll make a bug track item or the devs to have a look.
(here the Intel denoiser bumps the CPU usage up much more than the nVidia, as expected, but then settles down to exactly the same range as the nVidia one)

RH-59694 Denoiser bumps cpu usage for the session.

The effect is still in the last WIP (7.0.20217.3575, 04.08.2020).

Another question:
The renderer uses Cuda, right?
Why is the CPU usage that high then?

See in this video:

If you have an Nvidia graphics adapter, then you can enable using it’s CUDA settings:

John, of course it is:

That’s why I wonder about the CPU usage.

That is most likely processing of rendered pixels.

You should change your GPU graph from 3D to Compute though to get info about GPU usage while using Rhino Render in Rhino WIP

The GPU usage is clear to me.
I talk about the CPU usage.

The same CPU usage is seen in V7 when using Raytraced in the viewport.

Please try Raytraced in V6.
And view CPU load.
Then see in V7.

V6 uses “no” CPU, V7 uses “all” CPU.

I’ll check in a few days when back at work from vacation.,

Actually, I was confusing the right-hand side graph for the CPU, but that is the CUDA usage, mobile phone display was a bit too small to properly see :slight_smile: . There is indeed some CPU usage, and I’m going to guess that it is related to the post-effects and handling of the viewport update that is causing the slight increase of CPU, but nothing really dramatic.

Slight…no that’s not slight.
Try Raytraced in V7 and zoom in and out while Cycles works.
I see up to 100% CPU load on a 12 core CPU.
That is quite different in V6.
It is dramatic…

I am seeing around 50% CPU load when Raytraced is running here too.
V7 on a dual 6 core Xeon (=total of 12 cores and 24 threads)

Intel denoiser turned on in render settings.

When in Rendered mode and Rhino idle in the background the CPU load is 6%.
When I turn off Rhino it drops to 2%.

That is with the intel denoiser turned off.

File saved and reopened and idle CPU load is 2%.

When Raytraced view is activated it is now around 50% CPU load again (intel denoiser still off)
When Raytraced is competed (100 of 100 cycles) the cpu idles at 6% again.
And NOW when switched to Rendered it drops down to 2% again.

So cycles seems to hog some cpu usage even when idle, and if the intel denoiser was used it continues to hog those resorses even after raytraced is turned off.

Edit: I restart Rhino after each change to make sure nothing is left unchanged.

Tried with the nvidia denoiser now and then the cpu is used 50% when rendering and idles at 11% when completed. And goes down to 6% when switched to rendered mode. So still hogging resources.

On restart with no denoiser I see the same again, when Raytraced it uses 50% cpu load and drops to 6% cpu when completed, and again drops to 2% when switched to Rendered.

RH-59694 is fixed in the latest WIP

I’m still going to guestimate it has to do with the changes introduced for the post effect pipeline.

There were 2 issues:

  1. CPU load after denoise
    This is fixed in the current WIP.

  2. CPU load while Cycles works
    Still there.
    I found out that the CPU load increases when you zoom out.

(7.0.20231.16005, 18.08.2020)

CPU load unchanged…

Probably because I haven’t had the chance to investigate yet, been back from vacation only for 4 (work) days.

I have related question, what are the requirementes to have the denoiser feature?
I don’t have it, I have a quadro P2000 and a not so new I7 processor.

When in doubt the Intel denoiser is the safest bet - it is CPU-only, and will work on both Intel and AMD CPUs.

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