New in Rhino 7 Rendering Denoisers available

Renderings are now faster with the use of the new denoiser filters. These filters use artificial intelligence techniques to dramatically reduce the time to reach a high quality rendering.

The images below rendered for 3:03 minutes. The the image to the left is with the denoisers applied, the image on the right is the image as it would be without the denoiser.

Installing the Denoiser:

  • Download Rhino 7 WIP for windows8logo Windows or finderLogo Mac
  • Type in PackageManager to start the new package installer.
  • Scroll down to find the correct denoiser. There are 3 available denoisers available based on the computer setup:
    • NVIDIAdenoiser - for newer Nvidia cards
    • AMDdenoiser - only very recent Navi and Vega AMD video cards.
    • INTELdesnoiser - Good for any computer. This is the recommended denoiser for all Mac plaforms.
  • Click on the Download and Install button
  • Close the Package Manager and restart Rhino.

Using the denoisers:

  • Open a Rhino model to the rendered.
  • Using the Render command, start a rednering.
  • In the Post Effect panel to the left, check the denoiser to activate.

This is a work in progress feature and we are looking for feedback on the Rendering forum.