Insert creates UUID behind blockname

Since upgrading to Rhino7 some of my macro’s creates with blocks with uuid’s behind them.
The situation is very simple, certain blocks I use quite a lot. So i created a macro for it:

_-Layer _C 0 _Enter
“T:\Shared drives\Library DS\3D library\D_Kantenband.3dm”
_B _Pause 1

Maybe it can be cleaner but it works. It inserts the file as a linked block, scale 1, rotation I can choose, then puts the Echo back on.

First time inserting the blocks name is just D_Kantenband (Dutch word for Edge banding), but if i then use the macro again Rhino generates a UUID behind it e.g. D_kantenband 33902969-a431-4feb-bed9-bbf426a6ce3f. The block is still linked and works without any problems, but the name is messed up. (I also need to export the block names so then I need to manually fix the name later)

Its not just this file or macro, any block that I reimport that’s already in my file get the UUID (I re-import them because its faster than scrolling trough the insert block list, sometimes my file has 400+ different blocks).

Does anyone know how to prevent this? Is this deliberate thing that Rhino does or is it a bug?



Hi Martjin - I see this, thanks.I’ll get it on the bug list. In the meantime, I would insert the block from the existing definitions after it has been inserted once, rather than go out to the file each time. My guess is the process initially needs to differentiate between the existing definition and the incoming, identical one.
RH-71953 Insert: name decorated on repeat

Hi Pascal,

Thanks, for the reply and placing it on the list. Hopefully its a quick fix and the bug will be solved in no time.