Define block random names

_-Block PAUSE PAUSE _Enter _Enter _Enter _Enter

I want to define a block with a random name, but considering that the name will be repeated, I cannot insert this block later

who can help me how to use macro to get random names without repetition

Generally Rhino will not repeat names for automatically generated layers, groups, blocks etc. because the names need to be unique It just keeps adding a number to the base name Block 01, Block 02 etc…

If you need truly random names, it will be necessary to have a script with some kind of random name generator which also checks for the existence of the name and makes a new one if it finds an already existing same name.

You could also simply use UUID’s for your random names, Python as a module for generating them and they should be ‘unique’… 20.15. uuid — UUID objects according to RFC 4122 — Python 2.7.18 documentation

thank you,You don’t need to input the name when creating a block, but must input a name when inserting a block. By default, it is the name of the last block created by default when inserting a block
If so, I don’t have to worry about name duplication

Ah, OK, then you will need to script checking for any existing name and then generating some random name that isn’t in the set of existing names.