A strange block problem... and ultimately ironic

So I have these blocks of kitchen fronts (not linked externally) they are made of wood. On another area of the kitchen I want to use the same door but painted. So I layout the cabinet with the wooden doors, select them and export them to a rhino file. I open the new rhino file, go to BlockManager, rename the blocks, change the layer names, and save. I then import that file into my initial file, change the material of the new layers and… well, the new layers are there but strangely the new blocks are not. The names or the blocks are still the previous ones. I have done this several times already and have no idea what is happening…

… ultimately this is desperately ironic because rhine has a strage habit of adding 01, 02,… at the end of the blocks names with no particular reason and for once it seems to want to keep the blocks name at any cost…

In the end, I managed to make it work by BlockEditing each individual block - just double-clicking the block and OK. when importing it accepted the new names…

Any ideas?

Can you provide the original 3dm file with the block and describe each specific step you go through? I’ve read your description a few times now and I’m not sure I understand exactly what the workflow was. My best guess is that you might need to use ReplaceBlock instead of using Insert to bring in a block of the same name to the new file.

I’ll try to replicate later but this is basically it.
On file A I have block 1 with a surface in Layer A and Material A assigned to it.
I select block 1 and export saving it as File B.
Open file B, I move block 1 to another place, then rename block 1 as block 2, rename layer A to layer B, and change the material to material B, save.
I insert File B on File A. On block manager I expected to find block 1 and 2, instead I found only block 1. but I do find layer A and B.

I made it work by, while on File B, double clicking block 2 and then saving. When importing file B on A is behaved as expected.

I hope is clearer :smiley: