Blocks randomly get extra suffix

I cannot pinpoint when this is happening but does anyone on the mcneel end know why a block, when re-inserted would sometimes add a numerical suffix to the end? Sometimes it does it 2 and 3 times. If the block is already there it should not dup it like that.

original-block-name: dog_house_large_red
duplicate-block-name: dog_house_large_red 01
duplicate-block-name: dog_house_large_red 02

Hi @cdholjes, if you inserted the block (eg. named “Untitled”) from a different file you probably have chosen then second option in this dialog:



I have written a script that adds in a new block based off a block name. So it will sometimes choose to go with the suffix and sometimes not. I have tried to write in a workaround that if the block exists in the manager to not re-insert but rather, just pull from existing manager with chosen name. Just trying to figure out if anyone knows how the block insertion mechanics are working on the backend.