If you are buying a new laptop READ THIS

If you are in the market for a new lap top to run rhino.

  1. Most importantly, Look for one with a standalone video card. Specifically an nvidia or amd. More vram and more rendering cores (cuda cores) are better. (this is true for macbooks as well)

  2. Laptop Machines that are referred to as “hybrid” must have a stand alone card that you can force the machine to use while disabling the intel. These machine prioritize battery life over performance and try to use the Intel graphics as much as possible. We have tons of calls about poor graphics performance with these machines and the fix is to disable the intel, effectively making it a NON hybrid machine. Your battery life unplugged will plummet but your models will run much better. Save your money and just buy a non hybrid machine with a standalone card to begin with.

  3. Machines that only have intel hd graphics should be avoided for professional modeling… they will work ok for a light travel box, or in an emergency, but they do not meet the min spec for rhino which is 4gb of vram. Updated drivers are the most important thing to maintain performance if you are already running one. (this is true for macs as well.)

  4. Stop trying to run rhino on parallels. It’s not supported, it does not work well, you will have problems, and we can’t help you fix them. If you need windows on a mac, run bootcamp.

  5. Typically, machines that are built for 3d modeling or vfx will be referred to as a mobile workstation not a laptop… That may help get you to the right section of the websites you are shopping in. Machines with “lite” “air” in the name or have a very thin form factor will likely have intel hd graphics and should be avoided.

  6. If you are going to do pro work, buy a pro machine. Speed costs money, spend it wisely.

Hope these tips help narrow your choices in a dazzlingly crowded hardware marketplace.