How to launch Grasshopper in 5.4 Mac

I quit and relaunched the new copy just to be sure. Same thing.

Could it be some issue with the trial license, “running without saving”?

In Rhino, type this command:
Delete the old ones.
5.4 should be the only one.

I did have a WIP version so I deleted that.

Quit and relaunched, same thing.

I did run the TestFind command again just to make sure, and now the window is empty. Is that normal? I thought the current version should show up.

I restarted computer and reinstalled just to make sure, and now TestFindAll does correctly show current version.

However, grasshopper still doesn’t work.

I’ll need to get some help from the developers on this.

It looks like you’re running an expired evaluation.
That’s why Grasshopper is not loading.
If Rhino detects it can not save; like in an expired eval, then Grasshopper will not load.
Is there some reason you haven’t purchased a license?

My university has purchased a license. But I need to view files when working at home. The trial version allows me to view without saving, which is good enough. I can’t run the license at home since the machine at university might be in use.

Right. An expired eval can be used as a viewer but it will not load plug-ins like Grasshopper.
Mystery solved.

Sigh. Okay, thanks John.

Hello to all
I have the same issue as Eric with a fresh new insall of rihio 5.4.2 evaluation on MAc Os (valid until end of August 2018).
When I look for Grasshopper in Help nothing appears
Thanks for the help

I believe you access Grasshopper from the command line, not the help menu

Did you validate your evaluation license? If not, please run _ValidateLicense, then Quit and re-launch Rhino. Grasshopper should be available until the evaluation period expires.

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Thanks so much for posting this. I was having the same issue, running a trial version as a student, and validating the evaluation license and restarting fixed the issue. Able to run grasshopped from command no issue now. Thanks again!

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Hi Guys, I have a customer who purchased an EDU Rhino 5 for Mac lic yesterday. She has downloaded the 5.5 installer, and installed, but said she typed “Grasshopper” from the command line but it does not launch. Any ideas? Does she have to “validate” her lic first as it seems to be the case for the eval/trial version?

It has to be there.
Any chance she typed it incorrectly?
She has to be in a model, not just the startup “splash screen”.
The command name will autocomplete when she starts typing it.

Thnaks John. It is possible she mis-typed it, you know how young kids spell these days! I will email her and ask, and also ask if she has validated her lic yet. Thanks

Yes, Grasshopper will not start unless the license is validated. Went through that with a student yesterday.

It she hasn’t Quit and restarted Rhino, she may not have been asked to validate again.
She can type the ValidateLicense command in Rhino.
She can’t Save/Export either.

Thanks guys! She validated and is running fine now :slight_smile:

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