How do you even start up grasshopper MAC?

Do you just download the normal pluggin? or is there a separate one you have to download specifically for MAC, which is what I’d assume. If the later is the case then where do you find that download? I can’t find it anywhere.

While running the RhinoWIP version, type “ExplicitHistory” for the command. It won’t autocomplete for you, but it will launch GH.

Thank you so much!!!

Good evening. I’m having troubles with launching Grasshopper on Rhino for Mac WIP. When I type “ExplicitHistory” for the command, I only get a window with the picture of the Explicit Parental Advisory and then nothing else happens. What could the problem be? Note that I have Mac OS 10.9.5. Thank you in advance.

This is a known issue with 10.9.5. We have made a fix that will get you a little further along, but there are other outstanding bugs related to 10.9.5 that will probably make your experience testing GH on Mac not nearly as pleasant as you would have if you were using El Capitan.

So there is or will be a fix for those of us still using 10.9.5?

We’ll do what we can, but I can’t promise anything. The next WIP will work a little better, but I believe there are still 10.9.5 bugs that we haven’t fixed.

Ok, thank you for your answer. I’ll wait for future releases.