Mac 5.5.4 Grasshopper addins cause crash

I’m having the same problem
already validated the Licence, but when running Grasshopper Rhino crashes when Grasshopper loads 67%
I’ve already uninstalled Rhino and re-install it again (is an Evaluation Licence for mac (5.5.3 version)

Hi Moira - that sounds like a completely different problem.
Were you able to run Grasshopper at one point on this machine and it started crashing at some later point or did it crash the very first time that you tried after installing Rhino?

Hi Win,
it did run for a some time, yesterday (after trying to add some plug-ins) started to crash.
the problem is I can’t find “Components Folder” to delete those plug-ins without running GH

Not all GH add-ins are compatible with Grasshopper in Rhino V5.
It is a partial implementation and does not support all of the development libraries.

In Finder, go to the ~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/MacPlugins/Grasshopper/Libraries folder and delete the offending plugin.

Any luck?

I can’t get to the folder you said | :frowning:
I have Application Support > McNeel > Rhinoceros > License Manager > Licenses (and ther there is only one file .lic)

I’m running MacOS 10.13.6

See the tilde “~” in the path I posted?
That is absolutely critical to getting to the correct location.

Please try again and use my folder location explicitly.

Any luck?

thank you so much!
it did work!!!
there’s any easy way to try each plug in?
or just try-error one by one and the deleting the ones doesn’t work?
thanks again

I’m not aware of a publicly available list of Grasshopper add-ins that work or don’t work with 5.5.4.
Since we’re so close to releasing Mac V6, no one is working on those details anymore.
I’d suggest downloading the Mac Rhino V6 Beta you’ve been getting email message about and see if these add-in tools work there.

thabk you so much

This list is a bit out-of-date, but you might find it useful:

Grasshopper on Mac Component Compatibility Testing