I’ve understood that Rhino 5 cames with Grasshopper. I have Rhino 5.5.2 licence installed on my Mac, but I can’t find Grasshopper. Someone could help me to understand how does it works?


Does the Grasshopper command work? If not, have you validated your license? Please run _ValidateLicense, restart Rhino. Any changes?

I didn’t find this command, where is it located?
Anyway, I’ll try to reinstall Rhino. How may I do to validate licence? I thought I musted just install the software.

p.s. Sorry for my English, I’m brazilian and don’t speak at all.

Please start typing the command Grasshopper on your keyboard.

If the command does not appear or run, then this is probably because you have not yet validated your license.

To validate your license, launch Rhino and start a new modeling window. Then type: _ValidateLicense on your keyboard, follow the prompt to validate, then restart Rhino.

Once your license is validated, you should be able to run the Grasshopper command.

Well, I’ve validated my licence. Then I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino, but I didn’t find any Grasshopper command.
The validation is ok.
Any idea?


Thank you very much!