Grasshopper AddIn component testing

Continuing the discussion from Plugin Database:

We have begun testing some of the existing custom Grasshopper components and would like your help. We’ve started a sheet showing which we’ve currently tested, which works, which do not (yet) work.

Grasshopper Component Compatibility Testing

If a component library is missing from the list, let us know…again, we’ve only just begun this process.

Broadly speaking…

  • In general, addins that use RhinoCommon and .NET ought to work. That is the intention. However…
  • Some addin Grasshopper components have Windows-specific functionality or depend on other Windows-only software. Getting these to work will not make much sense until those softwares are ported to Mac.
  • Some components are calling methods that have not yet been ported across. We are very interested in hearing about these. We want to fix Grasshopper so that these work as intended.

If you are a component developer and need help, we would be delighted to help. We want your components to work in Rhino for Mac and Grasshopper.