Are Grasshopper scripts cross platform?

Obviously the vast majority of us only use Grasshopper on Windows, but now that the Mac Rhino WIP has Grasshopper integrated, is it safe to assume that one can open the same Grasshopper script on Rhino Win and Rhino Mac in the near future if not already?

Thanks for humoring my speculation.

As long as no platform-specific code is used in such scripts they should be pretty much cross-platform.


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By “script” do you mean the entire *.gh file, or just the VB/C#/Python script components?

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@DavidRutten entire *.gh file.

That depends. Grasshopper for Mac will run all standard components and a lot of plug-ins, but there are some plug-ins that either do not work, or it is not yet known whether they work on Mac.

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Makes sense, thanks @DavidRutten – I’ll just have to see how much is compatible if push comes to shove.