GPU's running hot

I asked about this before and got a “blow off response”. I have 3 gtx980ti and a dual xeon workstation with 36 cores. Why do all 3 of my GPU’s blow out heat when running Rhino 6? Then after I shutdown Rhino, they continue to run hot for hours. I have to turn off the machine for them to return to ideal. Is there something I set on my end to make them disengage after I shut down Rhino?


That’s all managed by the video card bioses themselves, they throttle up and down fans and GPU speed as they see fit. If you have 3 stuffed in a case with dual Xeons…once one gets warm they’re all going to get warm, and yeah it’ll take a while to cool down? I have 4 GPUs and had to just leave off the side of my case with a 200mm fan rigged up blowing right over top of them, and that’s needed for them to actually all work when they’re actually all called on to work.

Same here - the moment I start Rhino the GPU temperature gets up - from 33 -35 to abut 50 even Rhino just doing nothing. When I close Rhino everything returns back to normal!

Try running msi afterburner with a custom fan profile. I recall having similar issues but not since.

I’d also recommend updating your gpu driver and under custom doing a clean install.

While 50C is not that bad. I would expect 60°C to 85°C under load. Most high end video cards typically have a maximum temperature between 95°C-105°C. I wouldn’t a lot unless it likes to reach higher then 85.

Then I normally will based on what is necessary.

  1. Adjust Fan plan to be a little more aggressive.
  2. Reduce the clock speed of the GPU if possible. So only allowing the GPU to run at 98% of its clock speed can really help.

The clock speed adjustment I have found quite useful in situations that the cooling cannot keep up of intense use over long periods.

It does show that cooling is one of the most important things to consider if the hardware is to run to its limit.

This is not my point. Rhino is just sitting there, doing nothing - GPU an CPU are idle, but GPU temp is going up like a clock - up, up, up …
This only with Rhino.


I remember having the same issue for awhile with Rhino 5. I don’t recall what I did to stop it.

There are a number of points and configurations to a similar discussion here: Empty Rhino is very resource intensive

I saw (heared) the same on my new laptop. All silent untill Rhino was started and even just sitting there without loading a file or manipulating views the fans would cool until Rhino was closed. Will check more and see if anything is improved lately.

That’s it - problem solved! Thanks Scott!

A 3D application such as Rhino 3D, or a Game will make the GPU work. How much it works often depends on the power setting, in this case, found in the nVidia control panel. I usually set that to: Adaptive.

Oddly, I have noticed that whenever I do something intensive for quite a period on my Intel-GPU nVidia-GPU laptop, I need to fully shut down my machine, if only for a second. It appears that Intel has thermal management bugs.

[I even need to do this when watching HD-60FPS video sometime. My laptop likely needs a repasting, but it’s done that from the get-go. The chipset in my laptop has always ran hot. ]

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I haven’t fully tested these new settings, but I feel this is the right direction for a solution. Lets hope other can confirm it does the trick.

Rhino doesn’t show up in my nvidia program settings. Should I add it? I’m happy with how things are working.

I would not change things if you are not seeing any problems.

I’m noticing the same thing… Rhino at Idle is using the GPU quite a bit for whatever reason, causing temperature increase of 10-15 C