Problem with CPU heating up after launching Rhino [Solved]

I’m having a bit of problem with CPU heating up after launching Rhino.

I’m not sure if this is for V6 or V5 as well… or if I had this issue before…
or whether it’s program or just some driver issues…

Before launching, the CPU temp is around 40deg.
But after launching then CPU goes up to about 50deg. It’s ok since it’s launching, but even if Rhino
I put rhino in the background the CPU seems to stay up at 50deg keeping the fan going.

CPU usage and GPU usage is close to 0%load so I’m not sure why the CPU is heating up…
(well I don’t care much of heating, but just leaking battery life is more of real life issue…)

Anyoneelse notice similar problem? Any pointers to fix would be great.

Launched Blender Cylces and Photoshop Elelements, but seems ok… actually even in forground. when not doing anything that is.

So how can the CPU heat up if the load is close to 0%?

One thing to check is if you have lots of files on the desktop. A friend’s system heat’s up if there are PDF’s on the desktop. He has a 3 monitor setup and have tried multiple nVidia drivers, but something is causing the cpu to work if there are files there. A total shot in the dark, but might be worth a test.

Oh, and make sure Raytraced isn’t a default view mode.

I got some stuff on my desktop. It looks like a great place to start! Thank you for the advice.

I’m also not sure why it heats up. Was looking into the GPUs and the intel on chip GPU seems to move every now and then but still quite low.
dGpu nvidia 1050 is very low as well.

I’m actually confused as to which GPU or CPU is being used in what operations or views…
I might not being maximizing my hardware…

Is there like cache clearing for Rhino?
I also had problem not being able to do undo and did
clearundo or something similar and started
working again.

You could download some hardware monitoring software to check the GPU temperature. If the GPU gets hot it could easily increase the ambient temperature enough to influence the CPU temperature as well, especially in the tight confines of your laptop.

@Gary Thank you for your tip.
I also gotten app called GPU-Z but seems the intel GPU and ndivia GPU is
not much in use. actually intel GPU gets couple of percent every now and then…
(Wasn’t sure if Rhino is running the GPU should only rely on nvidia or not… maybe the monitor it self uses the intel…)
CPU 48deg
Intel GPU 50deg
Nvidia GPU 41deg.

I guess intel GPU is going something…

I did clearundo and cleared up my desktop a bit and seems heating fan speed is a little lower now.

I put some files on desktop in document folder… where it belongs anyway…
Seems to help a bit. Much better than before.
RAM isn’t a issue though… got 24GB now, Rhino only takes up around 500MB when in idle…
For now I think it’s now ok. nothing critical. This morning the fan was going crazy. Thank you for the tip.

Do you mean Cycles as the default view?

Yeah, if you save a file with a raytraced view (cycles) then it will be activated next time you open that file.
And if you by chance had custom templates then cycles could have been activated by default. (It was just a shot in the dark)

Thanks Holo,
Recently I set rendered view to Rhino Render and swich to Cycles when doing the rendering.

I got WIP running in background now and not much heat as before so I’d set as solved.

For now I’ll just keep my desktop cleaner…

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