Help needed - GPU heating up right after Rhino6 starts and idle

Within 1 minute after launching Rhino 6, without taking any action, the GPU heats up to 50 degrees and gradually can go up to 55 (according Open hardware monitor) while the program is idle. GPU is GeForce GTX 1050, machine is laptop DELL XPS 15 9560. Only Rhino 6 causes such behavior of the graphic card when idle. Maybe someone can have a clue how this could be prevented, thanks in advance.

50 degrees is pretty normal for GPU, I believe the max-limit was over 100. Check your GPU specs and if necessary increase the cooling.

Thank you for your reply! Cooling is sufficient - fans are kicking in at 50. But is it really a normal temperature for the graphic card while doing practically nothing? What processes are running in the background? I don’t have this issue with other programs for modelling when idle or just doing simple tasks.

Silicon based equipment, which is pretty much every computer equipment needs to be heated to a certain degree in order to operate properly. I’m not so deep into electronics but you think of it as:

if it is too cold the molecules move slow, so charged particles cannot transfer electricity.

(please excuse my laic explanation)

this is my workstation GPU running 3DEXPERIENCE and many many more apps


This is pretty normal temp.

It is not correct explanation. The correct explanantion is the band theory of solids.
The metals needs to be cooled to avoid thermal chaotic motion of electrons and the semiconductors needs to be heated to get energy for jumping to conduction band.

Well, it kinda is what I said :slight_smile:

Here’s a better explanation: