Cooling fan runs very heavy smount of time in V6 versus V5

Wondered if ( using Pascal’s phrase) any of the big brains know why this is the case? Thanks, Mark

I presume you are using the V6 rendered mode, it uses more of the gpu and that is causing more heat.
If that’s not the case then please explain your workflow.

Hi Holo, it seems to just run constantly
Regardless of mode. Yes when I go to wireframe things calm down .I’m going to learn some more. I will keep track of it in different modes and get back with you. Thank you ,Mark

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Hi Mark,
I noticed this too and I have a new computer so it threw me that the fan was kicking on so much.
Are you using the cycles raytraced viewport? If so that might be the problem.

But for me I found that it was my computer mainly, I have two graphics cards and although Rhino was automatically detecting my nvida card I noticed the fan kicking on all the time too, so I changed the setting in windows to always use the Nvida for Rhino V6. Of course this won’t work if you have only one card but I’d thought I’d throw it out there since you are not the only one who has seen this.

I will send in the driver info after I can give a fair example of what is happening. Then maybe someone might know of a better setting or something like that.
Mcneel has such a good thing going with their software and this forum.

Using Raytraced mode will most definitely heat up GPU or CPU, as it will try to run at maximum available speed to give interactive, realtime raytracing in the viewport.


As a tangential observation, the more use a program makes of all the available cores, the hotter the machine will get. So expect this problem to only get worse and worse as more and more algorithms are redesigned to take advantage of multi-threading.

Thanks for the info guys. I’ll have to put this laptop on an ice pack , haha —Mark

@markintheozarks, all - something like this has come up a few times and it appears there is a solution, outlined here:



Hi, great advice. Thank you so much. I spent hours by checking internet, talking with Dell support why my fan is spinning all the time and no one was able to tell me. They almost took my brand new Precission 5530 to make hardware tests.
Weird thing is, In my case, that the fan always spinning was mainly when the laptop was connect to docking station (Dell TB16). Working on its own was basicly ok.