Overheating Rhino 6

Hello I need help regarding Rhino overheating issue. Its been two days I am constantly struggling with this whenever I open up rhino for work its slowly starting heating up until it makes my 3mb file so slow that I can’t move anything on the screen I have to force shutdown my laptop. This is only happening with RHINO all other softwares are working perfectly.

Laptop specs:
Asus GL553VD
i7 - 7generation
Graphic card 1050
1tb hard drive with 256gb ssd

GPU's running hot

Tell me what to do Like I even uninstall it and than installed it again

Apparently these settings work. Removing Rhino from the custom nvidia 3D settings might work as well.

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For now its working. Thankyou so much

I always do clean nvidia driver installs under the custom install option. You might try that as well.

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